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World's First "All-In-One Video Product"
Schedule, Record & Watch TV On Smartphones And iPads - Record Like A TiVo
Watch YouTube On Your TV - Watch Video, Photos From Cameras, PC's, Smartphones On Your TV

Vulkano is a sleek and stylish consumer device that connects to your TV set-top box that enables a complete TV and Internet media experience on Smartphone's, iPads, PCs, Macs and your big screen TV. Vulkano allows you to experience live or recorded TV, videos, photos and music on whichever screen you prefer, when you want it. The RemoteTV feature offered on the Vulkano Lava and Blast,  lets you watch your paid TV service on another TV (without service) anywhere in the world or in another room inside your home.   All you require is a second Vukano ( Flow, Lava or Blast ) a home network and an Internet connection.   Watch TV the way it should be watched…..on a big screen…anywhere! Imagine having TiVo, Slingbox, Roku and mobile video recording functionality all in a single box, for a fraction of the price. Watch real BRITISH TELLY at THETELLY. Using Monsoon Multimedia's, top-of-the-line, Vulkano video place shifter, you can now watch British TV, as if you were there. THETELLY uses Monsoon's equipment for their (premium) "feeds". See for yourself the Vulkano's capabilities from across the pond, around the world. THETELLY

Vulkano Flow - Purchase Price $99.99
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Vulkano Lava - Purchase Price $199.99
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Vulkano Blast - Purchase Price $249.99
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TV & Movies To Go!

Using Vulkano's Mobile Video Recording feature, iPad, iPod touch and smartphone owners can store their recorded programs for playback anywhere, including airplanes, offices, hotels, beaches or cars. Vulkano owners can schedule a recording before going to sleep and have it automatically downloaded to their iPad and be ready for watching anytime. Hundreds of recorded movies, sports events or TV shows can be stored on Vulkano's storage then transferred onto their mobile for viewing anytime.

Vulkano transforms iPads, iPod touches, iPhones, Androids, BlackBerry smartphones, PCs and Macs into MVRs for watching, scheduling and recording live TV and movies from anywhere in the world through a Wi-Fi or 3G connection.

Your TV, anytime, anywhere!

Vulkano lets you watch and control your live TV from anywhere in the world from a smartphone, iPad, PC or Mac over WiFi or a 3G connection. Every Vulkano comes with an electronic program guide (EPG) that lets users interact with a continuously updated TV guide displaying current and upcoming programming so you will never miss another sports game or favorite TV show. Control your TV as if you were sitting on the sofa with your remote control in hand.

YouTube on the Big Screen!

Search and watch favorite YouTube HD videos together with friends and family on your big screen TV. Vulkano supports YouTube HD videos up to 1080p while streaming and progressive downloading for an exhilarating TV experience. Use Vulkano's included remote control for easy on screen navigation and video selection.

Photos, Home Movies and Music on TV!

Vulkano owners can easily enjoy sharing photos, videos and music stored on smartphones, iPads, PCs, Macs or a NAS (networked attached storage) drive on their big screen TV wirelessly. Vulkano supports the commonly used industry standard Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), which enables many UPnP devices, including video cameras, to play media directly on the TV eliminating the need to plug any cables into the TV.


Never miss another sports moment or TV show when using Vulkano's Digital Video Recording feature. Vulkano owners can select programs to be recorded to the included SD memory card or e-SATA hard drive, which can store over a thousand programs depending on the storage capacity. Recorded programs can then be watched on the big screen TV or be downloaded to computers, smartphones and played back when convenient. Vulkano owners can also schedule recordings to their existing TV service DVR, like ATT U-Verse, DirecTV, Comcast or to a TiVo from anywhere in the world to watch on their TV at home or from anywhere in the world.

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